Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!


As we all may fully be aware of by now, adulting is a pretty hard concept. What with having to work and pay for things, who wouldn’t long for the good ole days of being a kid and not having a care in the world except waking up in time to watch Saturday morning cartoons. However hard it may be, nothing is more adult than having to move out into your own pace. It can be tough, having to leave the home that you grew up in and start a life all on your own. I personally felt like it was a bittersweet moment when I finally left because I was so used to always living with my parents that it made me feel that having them around is what made our home, feel like a home. I mean when the time finally came it took me forever and a day to finally move out, like I literally took a box per trip.

Needless to say it took a while to move out but however scary it was I was also excited to begin a new chapter of my life and more so be able to create new memories with Alex! We didn’t miss any opportunities for it either. Since our home needed some renovation to be made, we decided that before moving in we would try to get as much work done as possible. The house was built in 2004, so you guys could already imagine how outdated things were there. Namely we would concentrate on the flooring, baseboards and bathrooms. These were amongst the oldest things in the house and I feel like starting here will ultimately help determine the overall theme when decorating our home. We did our upstairs flooring in a dark chocolate brown hardwood tile and our downstairs area, along with the bathrooms in a beautiful 24×24 Porcelain marble look-alike tile. Honestly, I’m obsessed with the combination of the two that we ended up choosing because in the beginning we were considering doing wooden tiles for the entire house & I don’t think it would’ve come out as beautiful in comparison to the two contrasting tiles. Additionally, we went ahead and remolded our kitchen cabinets as well. Luckily we had the most expensive part which was the granite and backsplash, which saved us a ton of money since this can get pretty expensive considering what type of granite you decide putting in.

After the struggle of redoing all of our floors, bathrooms & kitchen we went ahead and repainted our entire home, cause might as well. The previous owners had a dark palette all around the house and let’s face it, unless you’re not recreating a haunted house, it can get kind of depressing; plus it makes the area look 10x smaller than what it actually is. That being said I definitely wanted to brighten up our home, I would’ve personally chosen an eggshell white for the whole house, but Alex was not up for it. So we met in the middle and got an ivory tone for most of the house & a kaki color for two accent walls. (Compromises go hand in hand to a happy marriage after all) Nevertheless let me tell you something, thank god that we opted for those two colors because they complement each other so well and all while making our furniture pop! And so together, along with both of our families and of course all the contractors we were able to turn our vision into reality after a good 3 month period, which isn’t all that bad considering how much longer other renovations can take up to.

Now that the hard part was finally behind us, we got to do my personal favorite hobby, go shopping!! We chose all of our main furniture from Room’s To Go from the Sofia VergaraCindy Crawford Collections. Here’s a list of our furniture selection:

Since our master bedroom had the wooden tiles, we didn’t want to get dark furniture that would blend in with the floor. We decided on getting the Sofia Vergara Cambrian Court White set in size king so that it could add some contrast to our bedroom. It fit in perfectly because the ivory tone paint that we painted our bedroom matched so well with our furniture.

Honestly, our living room space is my favorite part of our home and that’s all in part thanks to our beautiful sofa. It’s super comfy, you can literally sleep on the sofa & it was the perfect size for the limited space in our living room. It’s available in many different colors, but we decided that the platinum color would fit perfectly with our style and it sure did! 

Thankfully Alex managed to find the best dining table because we honestly had no clue what would be a good fit for us. He pointed out how it would already fit in with all of our other furniture, plus it being the same color of our wooden tiles upstairs, kind of made it a perfect fit. They have two types of chair styles, we opted for the fancier style because it looked nicer & it actually is way more comfy to sit on. We ended up adding the Sofia Vergara Cambrian Court Bronze Server because we wanted to have a little extra space to store our dinning essentials and have an extra table that we could use for serving purposes whenever we’d have family or friends come over.

Incredibly, we got two accent furniture pieces at Big Lot’s. The first being an electric fireplace console that we placed right in front of our sofa & happens to look perfectly paired with our TV that’s right above it. The other piece that we bought was a little breakfast nook that we put on the other side of our kitchen, its perfect for two people, which is pretty much all we needed because our household isn’t that big just yet. (Unfortunately I couldn’t find the links for both of these pieces, because they are always changing their inventory & never have the same things repeated.) But if you’re in need just head down to the store and hopefully they’ll still be in stock.

Finally, the small little details like decoration and other accent pieces I personally took the time to go to our local Home Good’s & buy what I thought would fit in with the style we were leaning more towards. You can find pretty much anything at Home Good’s & with their low prices, you can’t go wrong. Just be careful you don’t end up wanting to buy everything you see!

Needless to say, we’re both obsessed with our little home after all the hard work we both put into it. We’ve been living together for about 8 months now and throughout that time we’ve been doing minor renovations that still needed to be done after moving in. Overall, the home renovations were definitely one for the books, the process was fun & we learned a lot. But now that we’re officially done, we just want to enjoy ourselves & create more memories in our little love nest! 

XOXO, Yesi 🥂

[Editor in Chief: Richard Bazails]

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