Hunting for Bridesmaid Dresses:

Hunting for Bridesmaid Dresses:

Anyone that has gone through wedding planning knows that ordering bridesmaid dresses could be a handful, which is why I believe that it’s something that should be done with time. Having to deal with such things as specific styles, colors and sizes could take up to 16 weeks to custom make. So the sooner you can start hunting for the perfect dresses for your Bride Tribe the better!

When it comes time to selecting the bridesmaids dress, most brides would prefer to select a specific dress for their bridesmaids, without considering their own ideas. But then there are those brides who would like some sort of input from their bridesmaids, which is where I fall in. I guess it’s all about the preference, but I’m the type of bride who wants to make sure that her bridesmaids feel just as beautiful & comfortable as I would on my special day. That is why I felt that it was very important for me to have them all give me their input when we went hunting for their dresses. At the end of the day it is one’s own wedding but regardless this will be a dress that they’ll be spending a good amount of money on & I would really love it if they could get something that they absolutely love & could potentially wear again.

So this past Sunday all my bridesmaids were able to get together and look for the perfect dress that would look perfect on all of them. As soon as we walked into David’s Bridal, our consultant advised us to look around their store and select whatever they wanted to try on. I started with the basics by selecting some styles that I personally loved and also allowing them to select some that they liked as well, along with the specific color that I wanted them to wear. You’d think that most brides would think the process of selecting a dress with so many opinions would be difficult, but in reality it made the whole process so much easier for me. So much so that in less than 10 minutes we had decided among 10 different dresses to choose from & I thought to myself “let’s get this started”.

I had my bridesmaids each wear a different dress so we could use up our time wisely and I kid you not, on the first try I knew we had found the one dress that would look perfect on all of them. I asked them all to change into that same dress so we could see how they looked and just as I imagined they looked amazing. My Bride Tribe was able to say YES TO THE DRESS and I was one happy bride because not only did our plan work accordingly, but I knew that they were all just as happy as I was. That to me is really important because even though it’s the bride’s special day, her Bride Tribes opinion should be important too. Especially considering that they are the ones wearing the dress and considering all that is to happen on that day you’d want them to be that much more comfortable & happier. Happy bridesmaids make a much happier bride and this day doesn’t come around too often so better make it the happiest day for all as possible.

XOXO, Yesi 🥂

Shop: David’s Bridal

Dresses: Vera Wang

[Editor in Chief: Richard Bazails]

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