About me:

About me:

HELLO to you all!

First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself to those of you who may not know me personally. My name is Yesenia Gonzalez and I’m someone who loves everything about fashion & learning how to implement different styles into my everyday looks. Thankfully I’m lucky enough to get to call Miami my home, a city which is on the forefront of the fashion industry.

Growing up I’ve always dreamed of using my styling abilities to help others figure out what they should and shouldn’t wear. Fortunately, I’ve been able to do just that throughout the years by helping my clients figure out what jewelry pieces would fit perfectly with their everyday look or for any given special occasion.

My family started our family owned business in 1989, at a little location that was called “Happy Jewelry.” With hard work and dedication my parents were eventually able to expand and eventually open up our current store known as “Marilin’s Jewelry” (named after my mother). It was there where I spent most of my childhood, learning all about jewelry and what it took to become a business woman. As a child I considered myself to be very shy and I’d like to believe that by working at such a young age, while being exposed to this type of environment, it managed to get me out of my shell and open up more as a person. It definitely molded me into the woman I am today and I’m thankful for that opportunity, especially to my parents who were able to teach me and instill the hardworking mentality which I have and lets me be known as a BOSS LADY!

Presently I’ve been managing my own store called Precious Jeweler’s & Co. for nearly a year now. While always still learning on the job, I’ve been able to use the skills that I’ve gathered throughout my life in order to benefit the business even more. However something that will forever remain as my goal for each day is to always be able to provide happiness to every single client that walks through the door. Since I’m able to continue my journey in the jewelry business, I look forward to sharing with others what this business is all about. Moreover be able to further develop my obsession with fashion and many other things that I enjoy to do on my spare time in the hopes of helping others and bringing out their uniqueness.

-Cheers to new beginnings and lasting encounters! 🥂

XOXO, Yesi

[Editor in Chief: Richard Bazails]

6 thoughts on “About me:

  1. I remember how shy you were…I use to wave at you and you would always hide behind your MOM. Thank GOD you turn out to be a fine young lady , the last time I saw you I didn’t recognized you, I told my wife wow she so beautiful she looks like a model . When I left Miami you were around like 6 .

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